Bread Too Crumbly? 5 Little Secrets You Need To Know

Is your homemade bread too crumbly? You wanted a soft-textured, springy loaf and you got crumbs? It's a common problem. We can fix this.

When you've spent precious time and effort making bread, you really want it to be WOW! And yes, it's very frustrating when it turns out to be more like 'meh'. So, if your homemade bread is underwhelming, don't worry. You've come to the right place.

If your bread is tending to be drier and more crumbly than you would like, I have five 'secrets' of success for you.

Simple Sourdough Solution

Sourdough baking hack
Have you tried to make sourdough? Did you once have a sourdough starter, named and nurtured at the back of your fridge? What happened to him (or her)?

If the answer is, "Marvin the sourdough is alive and well, thanks. He makes delicious sourdough every time and I love him!" this post is not really for you.

If, on the other hand, your forays into sourdough have been less than Marvin-marvellous (sorry), I have a suggestion for you. It's a Cunning Plan, of sorts, that may or may not be cheating.

Can You Freeze Bread Dough? (Yes! And Here's How)

home made pizza dough
We're all short of time, aren't we? If you've been wanting to make your own bread but just haven't found the time, this article is for you.

Freshly baked bread often seems beyond us, when bought bread is so convenient. But, with a little help from your freezer, I have a most excellent time-saving tip that will help you to fit bread-making into your busy schedule.

Baking From A New Place

yummy breadIt's been a while. But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of you. Sometimes life with three little ones gets a bit overwhelming and I don't take time to write (I don't even take time to bake, and then I *whispers* buy bread - shhhh, don't tell anyone).

Even though I've been so quiet online, it has been lovely to continue to receive messages from readers, with questions, success stories, mouthwatering photos of bread and sometimes, just to ask if I'm ok.

Dough-Sticks and Love-Butterflies

It was a week in which my husband issued a challenge, my children were quite creative, spring sprung (please say it has, at last?) and I made a new version of the famous* dough-balls.
*It's still my most-read post.

Is it really possible to make Fresh Bread In 20 Minutes?

And what exactly is a love-butterfly?!

What I Learnt About Turkish Bread This Week

Turkish bread This week Mr P and I went on a date. It does happen, you know, occasionally, when we make the effort.

I must confess, we were heading to a different restaurant (best not mention that, eh? In case the other restaurateur feels put out to be the second choice). Alas, the first place was closed so our date (which was going to be Indian) came over all Turkish and we arrived at Lezzet Restaurant and decided to give it a go.

Hot Dog Rolls, Rude Burgers and Mothers' Day

homemade hot dog rolls
Today I bring you hot dogs. Or, more precisely, bread rolls for hot dogs. The sausage bit is conspicuously absent because we ate them. All. Veryfast. Which is a testimony both to their deliciousness and to my hectic teatime regime.

When I made these, last night, it was worse than usual because my daughter had a friend round and the pressure was on to chop salad and serve food before the play-date was over.

Also, my frankfurters had frozen together in a big lump and wouldn't quite fit in the pan. Oh the stress(!)