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Freshly Baked Discussion Forum
Well, this has been a few weeks in the making but it was worth waiting for.

If you care to go ahead and click that button - the one just above this article - the one that says 'Forums' - you can find out what all the excitement* is about.
(*mostly mine but now you can join me)

The forums were developed in response to reader requests for somewhere to discuss their baking and ask questions to fellow bakers.

And now we have it!

The Freshly Baked Discussion Forums Are Now Live!

Initially, I thought that was what Facebook would do for us: create a bit of a community and a place for discussion. It sort of does, but then it's hard to look back through the posts on Facebook and find information that was added ages ago.

Here we have a growing repository of useful information, answers to questions and encouraging comments that we can use as an ongoing reference.

The forums have been in 'test mode' for about a week. They were open to a small number of kind people who offered to try them out for me. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to those people (you know who you are  ).

Trying out the forums over the past week, we have established:
  • That everything is in good working order (though we're still open to suggestions for improvements) and...
  • That it would be lovely to have more company over there.

So, please pop over and say Hello!

You will love the friendly, helpful community spirit which is already evident. Discussions are springing up on a variety of topics and there is plenty of scope for you to start your own discussion, get some useful tips and share your bread-making know-how.

Do you:
  1. Have a question to put to fellow bakers?
  2. Have some knowledge or experience that would help the people who answered 'Yes' to question 1? 
  3. Want to share a recipe or post a photo of your recent baking (success or failure)?
  4. Have something to recommend (the best ingredients, a friendly miller or bakery)?
  5. Like chatting about bread and baking?
Great! See you there!

And, may I add...

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Thank you!

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